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Message from the President


Delivering AVC Japan experiences in audio visual event technology to China. Based on this concept, Guangzhou Audio Visual Communications Ltd. has been moving forward for more than 10 years.  Today, we have three offices in China:  headquarter in Guangzhou and sales branches in Beijing and Shanghai.

In collaboration with AVC Japan, the company which has marked the 50th anniversary in 2018, we continue to develop and provide various services:  the founding business of providing audio/visual/lighting equipment and professional skills to MICE market and offering the cutting-edge technology of audio/visual-effective facility to meet customers’ needs in showrooms and retail market.

Our strong advantage is the cooperative system design between Japan and China. The China-oriented devices are key items in global events and facilities.  With such devices and items, we are able to construct system design with fostered experiences in Japan.

Not only in Japan but to China and to the whole world. We will continue to present and provide useful, helpful, and successful achievements to our customers.

We believe our mission is to create memorable accomplishments in every and any forms.
As we appreciate your continuous supports, we appreciate doing business with you. 


Yusuke Yagi, CEO Guangzhou Audio Visual Communications Ltd.



Guangzhou Audio Visual Communications Ltd.

March 2002
Audio Visual Communications Ltd.(Japan) Beijing Office is opened in Xingfu Building,North Dongsanhuan Road,Beijing.
Juen 2004
Guangzhou Audio Visual Communications Ltd. is established in Laurel Building,North Jiefang Road, Guangzhou.
May 2005
The Shanghai Branch of Guangzhou Audio Visual Communications Ltd. is opened in Huaihaizhonghua Building,Renmin Road, Shanghai.
March 2008
The Beijing Branch of Guangzhou Audio Visual Communications Ltd. is opened in Beijing Office.
June 2008
The Beijing Branch moves to Caochangdi in Beijing.
July 2008
The Shanghai Branch moves to Nampo Building, South Zhongshan Road, Shanghai.
April 2010
The Beijing Branch moves to North Jiuxianqiao Road in Beijing.
June 2011
The Shanghai Branch moves to Panlong Road in Shanghai.
November 2012
The Guangzhou head office moves to Zhongshan 4 Road in Guangzhou.
April 2013  
The Beijing Branch moved to Cuigezhuang Town in Beijing.
June 2013
The Shanghai Branch moved to Yanan West Road in Shanghai.


Audio Visual Communications Ltd.

June 1968
Tokyo AV Center Ltd. is established as a subsidiary of J.OSAWA & CO.LTD.
December 1980
The company name changes to Osawa Eizou Center Ltd.
January 1981
Osaka Sales Office is opened.
April 1982
Nagoya Sales Office is opened.
May 1984
The company name changes to Audio Visual Communications Ltd.(Japan)
December 1989
The Chiba Distribution Center is opened.
March 2002
A local representative office is opened in Beijing.
June 2004
A local affiliate company opened in Guangzhou.
May 2005
A branch of local affiliate company opened in Shanghai.
October 2007 
Obtained ISO14001:2004 certification.
March 2008
A branch of local affiliate company opened in Beijing.
June 2008 
Audio Visual Communications, Ltd.(Japan) celebrated its 40th anniversary.








Business Descriptions

  • Rental and operation of audio visual equipment and lighting facilities for events
  • Comprehensive production of events, including audio-visual content, lighting, art, and operations
  • Audio-visual planning, and the design and construction of AV conference rooms, video conference systems, and showrooms
  • Sales and rental of products related to large-screen images, other AV equipment, and PC peripherals
  • AV systems maintenance

Track Record

May 2010
Formula 1 /Shanghai
June 2010 
Tour of five suburban cities by a home electronics manufacturer
November 2010 
KOBE Collection Fashion show/ Shanghai
April 2011 
CIMT/ Beijing
June 2011 
ELEXCON/ Shenzhen
July 2011 
All Japan Show/Shanghai
October 2011 
Motor cycle show/ Chongqing
November 2011 
New Model Car Announcement /Beijing
February 2012 
New Model Car Announcement/Hainandao
March 2012 
The 40th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China/Beijing ,Shanghai
April 2012 
New Model Car Announcement/Beijing
April 2012 
Shanghai Runway/ Shanghai
May 2012 
June 2012 
ELEXCON/ Shenzhen
March 2013
Japan Brand Fair/Qingdao,Guangzhou
August 2013
September 2013
China-Northeast Asia Expo/Changchun
November 2013
November 2013
Japan Brand Fair/ Qingdao
December 2013
Japan Brand Fair/ Guangzhou
March 2014
April 2014
April 2014
June 2014
June 2014
CPhl CHINA/Shanghai
September〜December 2014
Live tour
September〜December 2014
Club event tour
December 2014
New Game Announcement /Shanghai


Head Office

Room 1303,13th Floor, Shun Tak Business Center ?246 Zhongshan 4 Road, Yuexiu District Guangzhou, 510030, China
TEL:+86-20-8364-3027 FAX:+86-20-8364-3062

Beijing Branch Office

1st Floor, Building 15, No.1 Xiedao road, Chaoyang District,Beijing,China
TEL:+86-10-6461-6167 FAX:+86-10-6461-6160

Shanghai Branch Office

Room 2607, Jinqiao Building, No.2077 West Yan'an Road, Changning District, Shanghai , 200336, China
TEL:+86-21-6368-2858 FAX:+86-21-6368-2868