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Message from the President

It's been almost 15 years since we started doing business in China. Over that time, China has advanced by leaps and bounds. The projects we work on have evolved too. Nowadays, our clients' events and systems are just as technically advanced as that in other countries.

LED technology from around the world now features prominently in Chinese products. Conversely, China's homegrown show-business, including its talent, technologies, and ideas, are steadily gaining a presence on the world stage.

Having expanded our audiovisual services from Japan to China, we are now expanding from China back to Japan, and from China to the world at large. As we go forward, we will continue to deliver outstanding audiovisual solutions for shows, conferences, and many other kinds of events.

We look forward to working with you!

Yusuke Yagi, CEO

Our history

Guangzhou Audio Visual Communications Ltd.

2002.03 Our parent, Audio Visual Communications Ltd. (Japan), opened a representative office in Beijing (Beijing Office).
2004.06 Audio Visual Communications Ltd. (Japan) founded our company, Guangzhou Audio Visual Communications Ltd., in Guangzhou.
2005.05 We opened Shanghai Branch.
2008.03 We opened Beijing Branch (in Beijing Office).
2012.11 We relocated Head Office to 4th Zhongshan Road, Ghuanzhou.
2013.06 We relocated Shanghai Branch to Yanan West Road, Shanghai.
2018.05 We relocated Beijing Branch to Xiedao road in Chaoyang, Beijing.

Audio Visual Communications Ltd. (our parent)

1968.06 J. Osawa Group Co., Ltd. founded a subsidiary, Tokyo AV Center Ltd.
1980.12 Tokyo AV Center Ltd. changed its name to Osawa Eizou Center Ltd.
1981.01 Osawa Eizou Center Ltd. opened Osaka Sales Office.
1982.04 Osawa Eizou Center Ltd. opened Nagoya Sales Office.
1984.05 Osawa Eizou Center Ltd. changed its name to Audio Visual Communications Ltd. (Japan).
1989.12 Audio Visual Communications Ltd. (Japan) opened Chiba Distribution Center.
2002.03 Audio Visual Communications Ltd. (Japan) opened Beijing Office.
2004.06 Audio Visual Communications Ltd. (Japan) founded our company, Guangzhou Audio Visual Communications Ltd., as its Chinese subsidiary.
2005.05 We opened Shanghai Branch.
2007.10 Audio Visual Communications Ltd. (Japan) obtained ISO 14001:2004 certification.
2008.03 We opened Beijing Branch.
2012.05 Audio Visual Communications Ltd. relocated its Head Office (Administrative Department, Event Division [Greater Tokyo Area], System Sales Division [Greater Tokyo Area]) to Koto, Tokyo.
2014.10 Audio Visual Communications Ltd. (Japan) obtained ISO 27001 certification.
2015.01 Audio Visual Communications Ltd. (Japan) relocated Chiba Distribution Center to Koto, Tokyo. It also integrated the center into the Greater Tokyo Area's distribution organization, and changed its name to Shinonome Distribution Center.
2018.06 Audio Visual Communications Ltd. (Japan) celebrated its 50-year anniversary.

Services we offer

  • Event Management
    We take care of all your event planning needs, including organizing the venue, directing stage performances, and assigning staff.
  • Event Technology
    We handle the technical side of your event by coordinating audiovisual and lighting effects. We can also lease, transport, install, and operate the equipment you require.
  • System Integration
    From planning to installation, we ensure that your venue, whether it's a boardroom, video conference room, or showroom, is fully integrated with the audiovisual technology you require.
  • Large Screens
    We plan, design, sell, and lease large LED multi-monitor systems.
  • User Support
    We offer technical assistance and maintenance services for your audiovisual systems.

Here are some of the events we have produced

Vsinger Live
Company presentation
Virtual Live at China Clean Expo 2017 (Shanghai)
A conference in Tokyo for discussing investment in Kunshan
Acura exhibition at Shanghai Auto
Japanese tourist event (Shanghai)
2018.08 Sake China (Beijing) 2017.10 Fashion show (Shanghai)
2018.07 BiliBili concert (Shanghai) 2017.09 TV program (Hunan)
2018.07 Seashine (Beijing) 2017.08 Motor show (Chengdu)
2018.06 CES Asia (Shanghai) 2017.07 China International Cartoon & Game Expo (Shanghai)
2018.06 Motor show (Shenzhen) 2017.06 Motor show (Shenzhen)
2018.05 Academic conference of Japanese and Chinese universities (Guangzhou) 2017.06 Audi LMS Cup (Suzuka)
2018.04 Motor show (Beijing) 2017.06 Vocaloid concert (Shanghai)
2018.03 Integrated audiovisual systems in company museum (Beijing) 2017.06 Sino-Japanese environmental expo (Beijing)
2018.03 Sino-Japanese arts and culture festival (Xiamen) 2017.05 Company showroom (Hanoi)
2018.03 Appliance & Electronics World Expo (Shanghai) 2017.04 Motor show (Shanghai)
2018.01 Dealer meeting (Hangzhou) 2017.04 Infocomm China (Beijing)
2017.12 Year-end TV program (Jiangsu Television) 2017.03 Japanese PR event (Hong Kong)
2017.12 Open air Christmas event (Shanghai) 2017.03 Appliance & Electronics World Expo (Shanghai)
2017.12 Elexcon exhibition (Shenzhen) 2017.02 Japanese PR event (Beijing)
2017.11 Motor show (Guangzhou)

Contact us

Head Office

Adress Room 1303, F13, Shun Tak Business Center, 246 4th Zhongshan Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, 510030, China
TEL +86-20-8364-3027
FAX +86-20-8364-3062

Beijing Branch

Adress F1, Building 15, 1st Xiedao road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
TEL +86-10-6461-6167
FAX +86-10-6461-6160

Shanghai Branch

Adress Room 2607, Jinqiao Building, 2077th West Yan'an Road, Changning District, Shanghai, 200336, China
TEL +86-21-6368-2858
FAX +86-21-6368-2868